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European Firearm Passes

All EU shooters who wish to shoot in Great Britain with their own firearms.

Must have in their possession a valid Visitor Permit and European Firearms Pass (EFP)

Under section 17 of the 1988 Firearms Act, visitors to Great Britain may,

if they are granted the appropriate permit, have in their possession firearms, shotguns or ammunition without holding a certificate.

Specifically, they may have:

A) A Visitor's Firearm permit
B) A Visitor's Shotgun permit

respective firearms departments who may issue only for the duration of the particular visit.

Regulations requires the original EFP to be sent to allow the document to be endorsed.

Des Cochrane will act as sponser for such applications whether as an individual or group application is required.

Residents of Great Britain must produce a valid Shotgun License or Firearms License on arrival to Des Cochrane.