April to October - Roe buck stalking - Rut June July

July to September - Woodpigeon decoying

       September to January - GOOSE and DUCK  










Imagine you are seated in your hide at 5am in the morning just before sunrise, the cold wind is blowing hard on your face and you can hear the geese calling in the distant before leaving their roost.


The decoys are placed out on the field, your gun is out the slip and the excitement is about to begin.

Watching and listening for the first party of geese to arrive to the decoys absorbes all other senses.

Geese are wild birds and do not appear on order, it’s the unexpected maybe a small party of Greylags wiffling in with the Pinkfoot geese that arouses your attention.

Des Cochrane is a BASC registered guide, his guides who work with him abide by the BASC code of conduct for inland goose shooting.

Des Cochrane and his guides will give his clients a Health and Saftey talk prior to shooting, anyone for safety reasons who disrespects these instructions will be asked to leave the field.


Disabled shooters are most welcome and can normally be transported to their hides by four wheel drives.